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Nové vydanie PolicyPapers: “Persistence and Change of Regimes in North Africa, The Middle East and Central Asia”

máj 4, 2015  

Centrum pre európske a severoatlantické vzťahy (CENAA) Vám predstavuje ďalšie vydanie z PolicyPapers s názvom “Persistence and Change of Regimes in North Africa, The Middle East and Central Asia.” Analýzu napísali Ivana Imreová a Mária Kučerová z Katedry Politológie Univerzity Komenského v Bratislave.

“Non-democratic regimes, present in all regions have an important impact not only on regional geopolitical stability and security. Assessing the conditions of stability of such regimes is therefore an integral part of modern political science, also due to a close connection of this topic to practice. This issue is also very relevant because of the Arab Spring. The processes known as Arab Spring had once again attracted the attention of scholars towards Near East and its neighbouring regions. Changes and turmoil in these countries were not a surprise for the researchers. But unexpected was the timing and the number of the protests. Why did these protests take place in 2010 and 2011 and not a few years earlier? And why have different regimes, including those we considered stable and strong, fallen under the weight of mass protests or armed uprisings, but at the same time, some other regimes with similar characteristics have persisted? The question of stability and change or regimes during Arab Spring was also the core question in our research.”

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