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Nový PolicyPapers: “The Growing Popularity of Far-Right Swedish Democrats”

apríl 30, 2015  

CENAA Vám s radosťou predstavuje ďalšie číslo zo série PolicyPapers s názvom “The Growing Popularity of Far-Right Swedish Democrats“. Artikel napísala Kateřina Lišaníková.

“Despite having roots in the country’s neo-Nazi movement, the Swedish democrats (SD) experienced an unprecedented surge in voter support over the last two election cycles and became the third-largest party in the 2014 parliamentary election. Their policy agenda is crystal clear – cast your vote in our favour and we will resolve the immigration issue. SD had launched a major campaign against large inflows of unregulated immigrants, especially those of Middle East countries and clearly it paid off. They have been receiving support from Swedish inhabitants as a response to the growing occurrence of rapes, violence, bomb attacks and assaults in this northern state had emerged. On the other hand the criticism of SD for being xenophobic and racist has appeared. So, does the party pose a real threat to the Swedish democratic system or could it be a catalyst for finding a long-term and much-needed solution to the immigration question? And if so, would the SD be allowed to contribute to the discussion at the negotiation table?”

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