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K riešeniu narastajúcich problémov bezpečnosti v subsaharskej Afrike

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Subsaharská Afrika: militarizácia, demilitarizácia a genocída

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Ľudská bezpečnosť a regionálna integrácia v južnej Afrike: prípad Juhoafrického rozvojového spoločenstva

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Demografická katastrofa v subsaharskej Afrike

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Energetické perspektívy subsaharskej Afriky

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Liga arabských štátov: bezzubá aj po reforme?

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Africká únia: nesmelé kroky na ceste k stabilizácii

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Rethinking the “democratic peace theory”: turbulent democratization in North Africa and the Middle East and the external dimension

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  Abstract Democracies do not go to war with each other. Is it true in countries in transition? When can we state that a country is democratic? The fate of the Transatlantic community’s democracy promotion strategy stems from these question regarding North Africa and the Middle East. One year after the beginning of the “Arab [...]

What’s up, brother? Islamic resurgence in Egypt (Metamorphosis of the Muslim Brotherhood)

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  Introduction This paper aims at outlining the political situation in Egypt and identifying certain socio-economic factors leading to a phenomenon which Western media, somewhat incorrectly call Islamic fundamentalism. Therefore, we assumed that for the purpose of this study, certain terminological consistence and semantic analysis of term, which Western Orientalism understands, as political Islam is necessary. [...]

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