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Energetická geopolitika

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Domorodec, žena, vojak a robotník: Latinská Amerika a energetická integrácia

Energetické perspektívy subsaharskej Afriky

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Ruská federácia: tiché znovuzrodenie

Controversial Issues in the EU-Russia Energy Relations

  Abstract Energy has become one of the most debated topics in the current relations between the European Union and the Russian Federation. The aim of this paper is to explain why controversial issues in the energy relations between the European Union and the Russian Federation occur and what their character is. This paper is [...]

Energy security in Central and Eastern Europe 2009/2010: How global trends are changing the region

  Introduction Energy security represents wide and complex interrelated issues of technical, economic, environmental, political and geopolitical nature. Every single entity on social hierarchy starting from family and company up to supranational level like European Union has to find answer to the basic question of energy security: How to ensure sustainable uninterrupted supply of necessary [...]

Regional energy security: Visegrad finally at work?

  History of regional energy cooperation Czechoslovakia (succeeded by Czech Republic and Slovakia), Hungary, and Poland formed the Visegrad group to coordinate and support their economic and political transition and accession process into the EU and NATO. Already the original 1991 Visegrad declaration contained an explicit mention of energy policy, as aim of “development of [...]