Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Ukrajina: oranžová dezilúzia a tŕnistá cesta tranzície

Moldavsko: ťažká situácia európskeho východu

Bielorusko: rozvoj v „izolácii“

Ruská federácia: tiché znovuzrodenie

Organizácia dohody o kolektívnej bezpečnosti: k stabilizácii postsovietskeho priestoru

Measuring the development of private security in Kosovo

  Introduction Few could have imagined such an ever increasing private security sector in Kosovo. Some years back even the demand for structured private security was fairly unthinkable. The range of services offered nowadays by Private Security Companies (PSC) in Kosovo starts from the classical physical protection of private and public properties, close protection of [...]

How Serbia Over Calculated Itself oN EULEX

  Introduction EULEX, the most ambitious rule of law mission carried out by the EU so far, became operational only after Belgrade[2] authorities were promised that Resolution 1244 will continue serving as the legal ground for international presence in Kosovo, therefore reaffirming EU mission’s neutrality in regard to Kosovo’s final status. However, fielding of EULEX [...]

The National Security Council of the Republic of Serbia: contributing to the formation of an integrated security system or just another coordinating body

  In the absence of a National Security Strategy the document defining the country’s security challenges, threats and dangers, as well as her strategic orientation, is the founding paper of the National Security Council.[1] This is not the first time such a body has been set up in Serbia but it is the first time [...]

Emergent Concept of National Security Policy in Republic of Serbia

  Introduction The aim of this paper is to analyze the current concept of national security in the Republic of Serbia. This will be done by analyzing strategic discourses and practices between 2000 and 2008 through David Baldwin’s conceptual framework.[1] The period between 2000 and 2008 is chosen because it is a period of democratic [...]

Public opinion on defence and security issues: the role of public opinion in Serbia

  Introduction Global security environment has changed in the last several decades. The end of Cold War has initiated changes in understanding of the concept of security and mission of armed forces. Concept of security encompasses military aspect, but political, economic, social, societal and environmental dimensions as well. The study and analysis of security includes [...]

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