Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Turkish Foreign and Security Policy: Challenge for EU and NATO?

  Criticism of contemporary Turkish foreign and security policy Unrest and turmoil of the so-called Arab spring sweeps North Africa and Middle East with uncertain outcome, Europe fights the financial crisis with alternating successes and failures and image of the USA in Muslim world is seriously damaged after Afghan and Iraqi interventions. What is the [...]

Impact of the “Arab Spring” on the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process

  Abstract The paper´s intention is to deal with the preliminary outcome of the so-called Arab Spring in 2012 and its impact on the resolution of the conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews. The thesis scrutinizes the question if the famous UNGA initiative by the president of the Palestinian Autonomy in 2012 was a [...]

The US, Israel and Iran: Diplomacy is still the best option – the good cop/ bad cop approach?

  Introduction The Iranian nuclear program has remained high on the international political agenda in the past year, which was marked by a number of key events concerning the issue. The present study aims to provide a brief analysis of these events by examining possible U.S. strategies to deal with the issue of the nuclear [...]

The Middle Eastern Balance of Power in 2012 And Its Implications for the Future

  Abstract The paper aims to highlight the consequences of the shifting balance of power in the Middle East. The author argues that this process is mainly due to two strategic trends: the proliferation of weak states in the Middle East and North Africa and the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. These [...]

Turkey’s Foreign & Security Policy: The Crossroads Between Israel, Arab Neighbours and European Union in Turkey’s Foreign Policy

Abstract As the Turkish ruling, mild Islamist Justice and Development Party’s popularity increased and Ankara was tightening its relations with Arab neighbours, the West started to speculate about Turkey’s changing direction from the West to the East. A model story can be observed by the escalating tension between Turkey and Israel, for a long time [...]