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Ostatné krajiny Blízkeho východu

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Partners in the Southern Mediterranean and the Middle East

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  By the virtue of geography and politics, the countries of the Southern Mediterranean and the Middle East occupy a special place on the map of NATO partners. They do not aspire for NATO membership, and the comprehensive transformational agenda of the Partnership for Peace (including e.g. the change of the internal security culture towards full [...]

Turkish Foreign and Security Policy: Challenge for EU and NATO?

  Criticism of contemporary Turkish foreign and security policy Unrest and turmoil of the so-called Arab spring sweeps North Africa and Middle East with uncertain outcome, Europe fights the financial crisis with alternating successes and failures and image of the USA in Muslim world is seriously damaged after Afghan and Iraqi interventions. What is the [...]

Rethinking the “democratic peace theory”: turbulent democratization in North Africa and the Middle East and the external dimension

  Abstract Democracies do not go to war with each other. Is it true in countries in transition? When can we state that a country is democratic? The fate of the Transatlantic community’s democracy promotion strategy stems from these question regarding North Africa and the Middle East. One year after the beginning of the “Arab [...]

Turkey’s Foreign & Security Policy: The Crossroads Between Israel, Arab Neighbours and European Union in Turkey’s Foreign Policy

Abstract As the Turkish ruling, mild Islamist Justice and Development Party’s popularity increased and Ankara was tightening its relations with Arab neighbours, the West started to speculate about Turkey’s changing direction from the West to the East. A model story can be observed by the escalating tension between Turkey and Israel, for a long time [...]