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Turecko: zacyprená integrácia

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Turkish Foreign and Security Policy in a Contemporary Environment – Southeast Europe and Beyond

  Abstract In a highly complex geostrategic regional environment, it is essential for Turkey to maintain an adaptive and decisive foreign and security policy. It remains a state with a relatively stable multi-party political system, a growing economy and its influence seems to be steadily increasing, even becoming relevant on a much wider scale. Turkish [...]

Turkish Foreign and Security Policy: Challenge for EU and NATO?

  Criticism of contemporary Turkish foreign and security policy Unrest and turmoil of the so-called Arab spring sweeps North Africa and Middle East with uncertain outcome, Europe fights the financial crisis with alternating successes and failures and image of the USA in Muslim world is seriously damaged after Afghan and Iraqi interventions. What is the [...]

Forget about the good old days! (An analysis of Europe’s future role in global affairs from a European perspective)

  Introduction In 2010/2011 people all over Europe, the United States of America, and Russia will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the end of the Cold War. Two decades of major changes affected the lives of billions of people in the world. Although Europe’s “security challenge” is no longer an issue for most people in [...]

Some aspects of Turkey’s policy in the South Caucasus in context of relations with the EU and Russia

  Introduction: The new image of Turkey Any analysis of the main directions of Turkish foreign policy requires consideration of several factors. First, Turkey increasingly perceives its role, involvement, and significance in Eurasia as the second key actor after Russia. Second, the dynamics of political processes within Turkey and the interdependence of its internal and [...]

The Future of Turkey-EU Relations

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Abstract For over half a century Turkey has been striving to become an EU member. Nonetheless, the problem of serious democratic reforms which would bring Turkey closer to the Community was first taken up by a moderate Islamic Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Democratic reforms in Turkey were carried out under the EU pressure, for [...]