Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Redislokácia ozbrojených síl Spojených štátov po 11. septembri 2001 a irackej kríze

  Jedným z najdôležitejších faktorov, ktoré sú výsledkom vplyvu nového globálneho bezpečnostného prostredia na modifikovanú paradigmu bezpečnostnej politiky Spojených štátov po teroristických útokoch 11. septembra 2001 je postupná redislokácia ozbrojených síl Spojených štátov. Napriek tomu, že sa po studenej vojne radikálne zmenilo globálne bezpečnostné prostredie, a tým aj, samozrejme bezpečnostné hrozby a ohrozenia pre Spojené štáty, aj de facto [...]

Changing Places: Sino-American Rivalry and Cooperation in Central Asia

  When most United States’ combat troops leave Afghanistan in 2014, it will symbolize the end of a war that has dramatically changed the geopolitical landscape in Central Asia.[1] In particular it will highlight the demise of Western influence over the region, and the rise of Asian players, especially The People’s Republic of China. In [...]

Turkish Foreign and Security Policy: Challenge for EU and NATO?

  Criticism of contemporary Turkish foreign and security policy Unrest and turmoil of the so-called Arab spring sweeps North Africa and Middle East with uncertain outcome, Europe fights the financial crisis with alternating successes and failures and image of the USA in Muslim world is seriously damaged after Afghan and Iraqi interventions. What is the [...]

The Future of the Sino-Iran Entente

  Introduction After the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979, the Sino-Iran entente merely began as a business partnership without any strategic implications. During the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, China became Iran’s main arms supplier, in the 1990s it sold nuclear and missile technology, and in 2004 the countries cemented their [...]

Impact of the “Arab Spring” on the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process

  Abstract The paper´s intention is to deal with the preliminary outcome of the so-called Arab Spring in 2012 and its impact on the resolution of the conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews. The thesis scrutinizes the question if the famous UNGA initiative by the president of the Palestinian Autonomy in 2012 was a [...]

Obama and the New “New Europe”

  Introduction Where not simply eclipsed by the global financial crisis, turmoil in the Greater Middle East, and the “pivot” toward Asia, the Obama administration’s relations with Central Europe[1]  have struggled to escape from the narrative of neglect (bordering on betrayal) that congealed during its first year in office.   Though the tone of interaction is [...]

Phased Adaptive Approach – Prospects for US-Russian Cooperation in the Framework of the Ballistic Missile Defense System in Europe

  Abstract The idea of building a missile defense system in Europe was first proposed by the Bush administration in early 2002. President Bush planned to build a strategic missile defense system with land-based interceptors in Poland and a radar unit in the Czech Republic. The announcement immediately stirred intense debates in Russia and stimulated [...]

The US, Israel and Iran: Diplomacy is still the best option – the good cop/ bad cop approach?

  Introduction The Iranian nuclear program has remained high on the international political agenda in the past year, which was marked by a number of key events concerning the issue. The present study aims to provide a brief analysis of these events by examining possible U.S. strategies to deal with the issue of the nuclear [...]

Drug Cartel War as the Major Security Challenge in the US-Mexican Relations

  Abstract US and Mexico have very close bilateral relations. Economic and demographic interconnection and the density of cross-border interaction have shaped mutual relations for a long time. In previous years, security has become the leading topic of mutual interaction. Due to increasing drug-cartel violence, the security situation in Mexico has significantly deteriorated which now [...]

Afghanistan – a Vicious Circle?

  Abstract: After ten years in Afghanistan, the United States is still not able to find an answer to the question of how to succeed over the insurgents in the country. The initial military success of the US military forces has not lead to a decisive victory, rather the struggle has changed to protracted guerrilla [...]

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