Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

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Newsletter Extremism

Main goal of the Newsletter is to inform about recent developments on the right-wing extremist scene, int he field of anti-extremist initiatives and adopting of counter-extremist measures, not only in Slovakia, but in other European countries as well.

Newsletter – Extremism March 2015

Newsletter – Extremism April 2015

Newsletter – Extremism May 2015

Newsletter – Extremism June 2015


South Caucasus Newsletter

CENAA is glad to present you a brand new issue of the Newsletters series, called “South Caucasus Newsletter“. Main goal of the South Caucasus Newsletter is to inform about recent developments in an area of the South Caucasus and will be published monthly.

South Caucasus Newsletter – March 2015

South Caucasus Newsletter – April 2015

South Caucasus Newsletter – May 2015

South Caucasus Newsletter – June 2015


Euro-Atlantic Newsletter

Main goal of Euro-Atlantic newsletter is to inform about recent developments in Euro-Atlatnic area and will be published monthly. Newsletter is prepared in cooperation with student’s portal:

Euro-Atlantic Newsletter March 2015

Euro-Atlantic Newsletter April 2015

Euro-Atlantic Newsletter May 2015

Euro-Atlantic Newsletter June 2015


Global Netizenship in Cyberworld (GNC)

The project aims to analyse in-depth multispectral and cross-cutting issues of national and international cyber security.Through the establishment of the network of national and international partnerships, CENAA strives to ensure that cyber security will get into focal point of political, corporate and expert elites. Goal of the program is also to uncover the issue of cyber security to all.

Cyber Security Newsletter Summer 2013

Cyber Security Newsletter October 2013

Cyber Security Newsletter November 2013

Cyber Security Newsletter December 2013

Cyber Security Newsletter January 2014

Cyber Security Newsletter February 2014

Cyber Security Newsletter March 2014

Cyber Security Newsletter April 2014

Cyber Security Newsletter May 2014

Cyber Security Newsletter June 2014