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CENAA Policy Papers


Policy Papers are published on ad hoc basis and are following current developments in different areas of international relations and security. CENAA also uses Policy Papers to accompany some of its main events. Policy Papers are published in Slovak or English language, depending on the topic. Robert Ondrejcsák is the Editor in Chief and Jana Heglasová is an Editor. If you are interested in publishing a Policy Paper please let us know at



2016- Volume 5

Čižik, Tomáš: Information Warfare – Europe’s New Security Threat

Ondrejcsák, Róbert: Zahraničná a bezpečnostná politika vo volebných programoch strán

2015 – Volume 4

Kluknavská, Alena: “The extreme right and the Internet: The case of the People’s Party Our Slovakia”

Peschlová, Kristína: From Periphery to the Center: Can Jobbik Woo the Hungarian Youth?

Lišaníková, Kateřina: The Growing Popularity of Far-Right Swedish Democrats

Padrtová, Barbora: Main Trends in the Current Discussion about the Arctic

Peschlová, Kristína: Pediga’s Rise and Fall: A Victim of its Own Success?

Jakubová, Žofia: Sweden and Finland: Future members of NATO?

Ondrejcsák, Róbert: Modernization of Slovak Armed Forces

Findor, Andrej: Countering Radicalisation via Effective Messaging and Popular Inclusion


 2014 – Volume 3

Sokol, Tomáš: Aktuálne hrozby Magrebu po Arabskej jari (only Slovak)

Ondrejcsák, Róbert: 25 Years Of The Slovak Security Policy: Successes And Failures

Ondrejcsák, Róbert: How Russia Has Changed The European Security?

Ondrejcsák, Róbert: Twelve Illusions Of Slovak Security And Defence Thinking

Ondrejcsák, Róbert: Slovak National Security Strategy Is Outdated And Needs A Change

Spáč, Peter; Voda, Peter: Just A Roma Issue? The Theory And The Support For The (Slovak) Extreme Right

Kluknavská, Alena: An Extremist or People’s Choice? Media Coverage of Far Right Leader Marian Kotleba in the 2013 Regional Elections

Vicenová, Radka: Introduction to the Analysis of Program Documents of Selected Slovak Political Parties 2014 European Parliament Elections

Wilkos, Pawel: Global Jihad in Numbers. Did Al Qaeda Fullfield its Postulates? 

Macková, Veronika and Viktória, Sučáková:  An insight to cyber world with prof. Micheal E. Smith

Nečej, Elemír; Vicenová, Radka: Social-psychological aspects of radicalization in security forces

Hrozenský, Tomáš: Space Security and Slovakia

Sučáková, Viktória: Cybersecurity, cyberterrorism and its moral question


2013 – Volume 2

Vicenová, Radka: „Extrémne“ voľby: pravicový extrémizmus v čele regionálnej politiky

Macková, Veronika: Cyber war of the states: Stuxnet and Flame virus opens new era of war

Bowen, Belddyn: An Astrostrategy for the EU: Spaceship Europe at Sanctuary’s End

Bulík, Ľubomír: Train, Support, Combat – NATO’s 2020 harmonic triangle

Šebok, Filip: The Foreign Policy of Japan under the New Abe Administration

Nicolini, Mário: NATO Beyond 2020 – Preserving strength, adapting capabilities

Dreyer, Iana: Paradigm shifts for European energy security?  Shale gas, US “strategic retreat”, and the shift of energy markets to Asia

Bodnárová, Barbora: Visegrad four Battle Group 2016 – Run up to Visegrad four NATO Response Force 2020? 

Mizera, Miroslav; Macko, Pavel: NATO Forces 2020 – Role of connected forces initiative

Turcsányi, Richard: The long term perspective of the South China Sea dispute

Húsenicová, Lucia: Crisis on the Korean Peninsula (Slovak only)

Masariková, Monika: Together But Separate: The NATO Strategy Toward the Afghan Region (Slovak only)

Goda, Samuel: Y ahora que, Venezuela (Slovak only)

Ondrejcsák, Róbert: France and Sub-Saharan Africa (Slovak only)

Kotorová, Jana: Sri Lanka – a new chapter in the counterinsurgency warfare? (Slovak only)

Ditrych, Ondřej: Obama Part 2: sequel to his first term  (Slovak only)


2012 – Volume 1

Ondrejcsák, Róbert: Slovak security and defense policy in 2012 (Slovak only)

Fischer, Dušan:  The re-election of Barack Obama and the future of the US foreigner policy (Slovak only)