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Slovak Foreign Missions and Operations (Dec. 2011)

Zavery-obalkaOn 1st December 2011, CENAA organized a conference aimed at a vision of action of SR in international operations with the title “Slovak Foreign Missions and Operations”. The conference took place at the premises of University Library in Bratislava. Its aim was to open a platform for discussion within the Slovak security community. The conference assessed the results of the action of Slovakia in missions abroad, and also identified the limits and challenges, which are Slovakia facing in the field of international crisis management.

The debate for more than 60 Slovak experts from the Slovak Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the SR, Ministry of Interior SR, Slovak Armed Forces, Government of the SR, the National Council of SR, Slovak Generals Club, soldiers of the Union of Slovakia, the Slovak General Prosecutor’s Office and also representatives from NGOs and universities represented conclusions, which summarises highlights of individual panels.


Key findings (Slovak only)