Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Strategic Defence Review (Bratislava, June 2011)

In June 2011, CENAA in cooperation with Euro-Atlantic Centre (EAC) and Slovak Atlantic Commission (SAC) organized conference about Strategic Defence Review.

Conference took place at Historic Building of National Council and was attended by Minister of Defence SR, State Secretaries of Ministries of Defence Slovak Republic and Czech Republic, State Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cheef of Defence Staff SR, former Ministers of Defence, military, political and academic experts. The main theme was analysis of the process of Strategic Defence Review, background, recommendations and options. More than 15 experts in three pannels clarified what does the Strategic Defence Review means for Slovakia, what is the position of Slovak Armed Forces – who, how and from what will protect us, what is the future of the Slovak Armed Forces. Part of the discussion were also financial aspects of security and defence, stabilization of the defence budget, the possibility of modernization of the Armed Forces and international cooperation.

Conference Program

Key findings and recommendations (Slovak only)

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