Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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The Future of Revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe

The Future of Revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe

In 2017, we will remember the 100th anniversary of Russian revolutions, that influenced not only the political, economical and societal processes in former Russian Empire, but also countries that were known 30 years from after this revolution as the Soviet block countries. In the previous year, there was visible lots of calls for the fighting for democracy in former post-communistic countries. Some analysts and journalists raise a questions about new wave of illiberalism in Central and Eastern Europe. Nevertheless, in last decades there were some crucial findings, that also confirmed these opinions. However, these opinions should not be generalized only in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, because of the changes we are able to observe all over the world.

Project consists of four public debate in Prague, Warsaw, Budapest and Bratislava and course on revolutions, which will take place in Žilina, Slovakia.

1st public debate:

Political Revolution – 16.11.2017 – 9:00-10:30, Knihovna Václava Havla (Ostrovní 13, Prague)


Michael Žantovský – 1. vyľvyslanec ČR v Spojených štátoch

Marek Benda – poslanec Parlamentu ČR (TBC)

Daniel Propkop – sociológ

Moderátor – Tomáš Čižik – riaditeľ, Centrum pre európske a severoatlantické vzťahy (CENAA)

Project partners:

Res Publica Foundation – Poland

Centre for security analysis and prevention – Czech Republic

Századvég Foundation – Hungary

With support of International Visegrad Fund