Monday, October 23rd, 2017

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South-Eastern Europe

In the transition activities in South-Eastern Europe CENAA is primarily focused on the sharing of integration experiences and its application in the region and Security Sector Reform and Reform of Armed Forces. CENAA together with partners from Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Hercegovina realized number of common activities and issued expert publications.

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In transition activities in Ukraine CENAA is primarily focusing on the sharing of integration experiences and Security Sector Reform. CENAA in cooperation with Ukrainien partners organized seminary “Slovak Experience Sharing with Security Sector Reform”.

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CENAA activities in Georgia are focusing on relatively wide spectrum of expert themes: integration experiences and their application and potencial implementation, building of institutional capacities, Security Sector Reform and Reform of Armed Forces.

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Goal of the project is to provide Afghanistan with Slovak experience of transition process, Security Sector Reform, civil-military relations and civil society building with an emphasis on creating space and conditions for education in this field. Target audience is the academia (academicians, young professionals – students from Afghan universities), future leaders of civil society in Afghanistan.

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The project aims to strengthen preparedness of leaders of non-governmental sectors and the organizations for their roles associated with the transformation process in Tunisia – with the emphasis on the place of NGOs in Security Sector Reform and human rights (especially in terms of supporting gender equality).

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South Caucasus

Security Sector Reform Centre of Excellence in South Caucasus

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