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Expert roundtable on the cooperation in security and defence in the Western Balkans

On Monday, 28th October 2013, Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs (CENAA) together with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic will hold expert round-table “Visegrad Four Experience from the Security Sector Reform: Security and Defence Cooperation of the Western Balkan countries” in hotel Bosnia, Sarajevo, BOSNA AND HERZEGOVINA.

The round table will be attended by representatives of the ministries of defence and foreign affairs as well as non-governmental organizations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovakia. During the discussion, experts will share the experience of the Visegrad countries from the cooperation in security and defence, and from the establishment of the EU V4 Battle Group. They will also explore the possibilities for the cooperation of the Western Balkan countries in security and defence.

Partners of the project:

Institute for Democracy and Mediation (Albania)

Centre for Security Studies (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Analytica (Macedonia)

ALFA Centar (Montenegro)

Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (Serbia)


In the transition activities in South-Eastern Europe CENAA is primarily focused on the sharing of integration experiences and its application in the region and Security Sector Reform and Reform of Armed Forces. CENAA together with partners from Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Hercegovina realized number of common activities and issued expert publications.

CENAA with our Serbian partner, the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (former Centre for Civil-Military Relations – CCMR) organized a two-day international conference in Belgrade, 15.-16. December 2008. High-level representatives of Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence, as well as academics and experts from Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic participated on the event. The conference focused on the Central European experiences from transition process with focus on security sector reform and security policy creation and their application in Serbia.

Besides the above mentioned common conference and several seminars the CENAA and CCMR issued a publication which is mapping the Slovakian and Serbian experiences and potential in th field of integration and security sector reform:

Ondrejcsák, R. – Ejdus, F. (eds.): Slovakia and Serbia – Experiences from Transatlantic Integration and Security Sector Reform, Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs (CENAA) – Centre for Civil-Military Relations (CCMR), Bratislava – Beograd, 2008, 143 pages.

In the framework of South-Eastern Europe CENAA also realized experts consultations about Slovak experience transfer at the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence, other relevant state institutions, think tanks and universities in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo. In addition, CENAA organized consultations with representatives of the Slovak Ministries and think tanks for experts from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. In addition, our partners are regular contributors to the publication Panorama of Global Security Environment.

In October 2011, CENAA in cooperation with Kosovian centre for security studies (Pristina) and Centre for Security Policy (Sarajevo) organized round tables in Pristina and Sarajevo. Round tables focused thematically on experience sharing:

  • Role of civil society in the process of Euroatlantic integration
  • Euroatlantic integration – reforms and processes
  • Membership in NATO and regional cooperation

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