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South Caucasus

3rd South Caucasus Security Forum and Security Sector Reform Capacity Building in Ukraine


Project timetable:

October 2015 – March 2016

1. Training: How to write security strategy and strategic documents, Kiev, 20.-24.1.2016

2. Training: Public Diplomacy, Kiev, 22.-26.2

Project description:

Activity 1: Training for Ukrainian experts No.1 – How to write security strategy and strategic documents

Activity 2: 3rd South Caucasus Security Forum (October 26-27, 2015)

Activity 3: Training for Ukrainian experts No.2 – Public diplomacy

Activity 4: Increase of the quality and expert substance of the E-learning programme (with focus on SSR)

Activity 5: Publication on the SSR and regional context

Output timeframe:

Phase 1 (October 2015-December 2015): 3rd South Caucasus Security Forum, October 26-27, 2015

Phase 2 (January 2016-February 2016): Two trainings in Kyiv

Phase 3 (January 2016-March 2016): E-learning programme and issuing of publication


Project is supported by Government of Canada and International Visegrad Fund

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Security Sector Reform in EaP countries: Closer to Europe

Project timetable:

May 2014-May 2015

Project description:

The project is focusing on 3 main areas:

1) to further enhance regional cooperation among EaP countries in field of Security Sector Reform (2nd S. Caucasus Security Forum)

2) capacity building of partner countries (including E-learning program)

3) transfer of V4 know-how to support the transitions and conduct joint V4-C3 research

  • 2nd South Caucasus Security Forum, Tbilisi, Georgia, 18/11/2014-19/11/2014
  • Workshop for experts of E-learning program, Tbilisi  30/03/2015-01/04/2015
  • Foundation of the E-learning program on SSR
  • Publication- Detailed policy recommendations for V4 policy-makers (particularly Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but in specific cases – SSR – also Ministry of Defence, Finance and Interior) how to proceed towards the whole region of South Caucasus, as well as towards individual countries after the Vilnius Summit
Project partners:


Project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.



Enlarging and Strengthening the Security Sector Reform Centre of Excellence

Project timetable:

April 2013-April 2014

Project description:

The “enlargement” is based on 3 key pillars:
1) deepening cooperation with 3 Southern Caucasian countries as well as regional cooperation among them in the field of Security Sector Reform.

2) Incorporate Ukraine and Moldova into already existing network. Both states have similar problems like C3 states in the field of SSR. We are planning to include them into broader Eastern Partnership – Central European cooperation in the field of SSR

3) To elaborate tailor-made action plan for each participating country – we include Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova – based on transition know-how of Central European countries. We will use the unique opportunity of Centre of Excellence jointly created by V4 and C3 organizations.

  1. Conference: “1st South Caucasus Security Forum”  (participation of V4 and Eastern Partnership experts)-  Tbilisi, Georgia – 10.12.2013-11.12.2013
  2. Research visit of V4 experts and regional round table with participation of EP experts –  Kyiv, Ukraine 10.03.2014-13.03.2014

1) Tailor-made SSR action plan for each C3 country + Ukraine:
– each V4 expert will write about one country in South Caucasus (in cooperation with experts from this country)

  • Slovak Republic – Georgia
  • Czech Republic – Azerbaijan
  • Hungary – Armenia

2) Publication: Ukraine – challenges of SSR in Ukraine

Project partners:

Project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.



Security Sector Reform Centre of Excellence in South Caucasus

Project timetable:

October 2012-October 2013

Project description:

The project was based on 3 key pillars: stabilization, cooperation and transition and focusing on 3 interlinked factors:

  • Institutional capabilities-building of participating countries in the field of security sector reform (SSR) by build-up a regional virtual Centre of Excellence as a central coordination institute in the field of SSR
  • Use and adapt central European experiences in the of Security Sector Reform
  • Enhance cooperation and networks between Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan
 Activities and outputs: 
  • Visit of Central European (POL, CZ, SVK, HUN) expert group in Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia – to consult needs, define priorities, first inputs, build up a core group of regional experts (November 2012)
  • Visit of Armenian, Georgian and Azerbaijani experts to Central Europe – seminars, discussions, consultations with think-tanks, experts of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence (April 22-25, 2013)
  • Regional seminar in Tbilisi, Georgia with participation of V4 and C3 experts (May 27, 2013)
  • Publication 1: mapping and comparing SSR experiences of V4 and C3 countries. Publication will  be the main material for further activities of V4 experts as well as regional SSR Centre of Excellence
  • Foundation of the Centre of Excellence
Project partners:
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Project was supported by the International Visegrad Fund.