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Building of Ukrainian civil society by strengthening the capacity of Ukrainian NGOs as well as government institutions in the field of security sector reform

January 2015- December 2015

The main objective of the project is to develop Ukrainian civil society through strengthening capacities of Ukrainian NGOs as well as state institutions in the field of security sector reform and by sharing Slovak transformation experiences. The strategic goal is to contribute to democratization of Ukraine and good governance of the country.

We defined the following specific goals in order to be able to fulfill the overall objective of the project:
1. To strengthen capacities of Ukrainian NGOs in the field of SSR
2. The increase NGO´s ability to control state institutions and to contribute to their development
3. To launch the process of indispensable reform in the field of security sector

1. Creation of training programme tailor-made to Ukrainian NGOs
2. Increase expert potential of Ukrainian NGOs in the field of SSR
3. Create the critical mass of Ukrainian expert community which would be able to realize security sector reform in the country.

1.1 Expert trainings and creation of complex education programme with primary focus on representatives of Ukrainian NGOs, but also for smaller group of representatives of key ministries (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence)
1.2. Study trip of 6 Ukrainian experts to Slovakia
2.1. Creation of expert manual in the field of security sector reform
3.1. Creation of web-page in order to sustain project activities also in form of e-learning.

Open Ukraine foundation (under the auspices of the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk)

The project is supported by the Official Development Assistance of the Slovak Republic (SLOVAKAID).


In transition activities in Ukraine CENAA is primarily focusing on the sharing of integration experiences and Security Sector Reform. Within the framework of project Enlarging and Strengthening the Security Sector Reform Centre of Excellence CENAA has incorporated Ukraine to already existing framework of cooperation between Central European coutnries and South Caucasian countries.

Upcoming activities of the project:

– elaboration of the tailor-made action plan for each participating country, besides Ukraine we include Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia – based on transition know-how of Central European countries. We will use the unique opportunity of Centre of Excellence jointly created by V4 and C3 organizations

– research visit of V4 experts and regional round table with participation of EP experts –  Kyiv, Ukraine 16.10.2013-17.10.2013

– regional V4 – Ukraine/Moldova consultations-  Bratislava, Slovakia – 24.10.2013- 26.10.2013

– publication: challenges of SSR in Ukraine

– conference: “1st South Caucasus Security Forum”  (participation of V4 and Eastern Partnership experts)-  Tbilisi, Georgia – 03.12.2013-04.12.2013


Project partner:

Project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.


CENAA in cooperation with Ukrainien partners organized seminary “Slovak Experience Sharing with Security Sector Reform”. Seminary took place on 17th March 2011 at the premises on Kiev National University of Taras Sevchenko. More than 30 participants – representatives of Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, non-governmental organizations, academics and students – were discussing with Slovak experts various topics of security reform.

First panel “Slovak security sector reform” explained past and current reform of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, positive and negative experience from the influence of strategic documents of the SR on defence planning and the role of NGO´s within this process. Second panel focused on the position of “Slovakia at the international scene” presented Slovak Strategic Defence Review and its importance from the point of view of the Slovak international commitments. Experts also compared the European Security Strategy with Slovak Security Strategy. Third panel paid the attention to “Ukraine as a strategic partner of the Euro-Atlantic area“. Besides the discussion on the relations of V4 countries with Ukraine, col. Ihor Koziy from Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation pointed out challenges of security sector reform in Ukraine. Oleg Kokoshynskiy from the Atlantic Council of Ukraine debated on role of Ukraine important regional actor. Seminar was also attended by Slovak Ambassador to Ukraine, HE Pavol Hamžík, defence attache col. Juraj Beskid, Head of NATO Liason Office Marcin Koziel and Director of NATO IDC Natalia Nemyliwska.

The next project of CENAA´s “Transition – Ukraine” programme is realized together with our partners from Slovakia (SFPA and IVO), including projects focused on the enhancing of awareness of the Ukrainian public about NATO. Within the project framework CENAA organized discussion clubs and debates about foreign policy and security policy in Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine (e.g. Odesa, Simferopol, Dnipropetrovsk, Donick, etc.).